A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game where you have to bring the little ninja to the top of the big sakura tree without falling down.  Will you ever reach the top? 

A game made for the 4th Alakajam game jam. Made by three danish sounddesign students in 48 hours. 


For the best experience, use a Xbox360 Controller. 

A Button : Charge/Fire.
Left Analog stick: Aim.

edit. PC version is now available
edit. v1.3 is bugfixing the player not grapping palets, screensize adjusted and player stuck in air.
edit. v1.4 Fixed a bug where the player was unable to select an option in the menus, when the mouse button was pressed.

edit. PostJam  Added better keyboard controls. 

End Results: 


Sakura_Mac_v1.5.zip 37 MB
Sakura_PC_v1.5.zip 29 MB

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