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This is John. Being John is hard. John is part of an experiment. He doesn't really enjoy being part of the experiment, but that is what being John is all about. Being willing to sacrifice. John sometimes thinks about spending more time with his family. John doesn't have a family, but he would like to spend time with one. Instead he is spending time on expeiments. It's okay.

John is part of a new experiment. The goal is to examine the importance of audio and visuals in videogames and to see what happens when you remove either or both. As usual, John is willing to sacrifice everything.

Developers note:
This game is really hard. Like really hard.
The game consist of 7 levels. Every time you finish the level, you have to choose between sacrificing part of your vision or hearing. The goal is to win the game while being completely blind and deaf.

The game is made by Anders Poulsen, Jeppe Emil Lindskov, Mads Riddersholm, Mikkel Isak Anttila & Rasmus Thorup.
All code, art, sound, music and other assets are made by us, except for the character controller which is made by Martin Fasterholdt. Thanks for letting us use it Martin.

We hope you enjoy the game and please provide any kind of feedback! Thanks.

edit. V1.2 includes checkpoints and various bugfixes


HMAYWTS_V1.1_PC.zip 33 MB
HMAYWTS_V1.1_Mac.zip 43 MB
HMAYWTS_V1.2_Mac.zip 43 MB
HMAYWTS_V1.2_PC.zip 33 MB

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