A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An intergalactic printer cartridge lost in CMYK space is looking for a fillup one colour cube at the time.

You are only able to see the cubes that match your current color, so change color often to pick up points. The more cubes in a row, you pick up of the same color, the more points you get. Pro tip: Try sideswiping adjacent cubes to pick up more than one at a time!


A /Left arrow- move left
D/Right arrow - move right
Space - change colour
ESC - exit

Created by:

Jeppe Emil Lindskov
Mads Vesterager Riddersholm
Rasmus Brun Thorup
Ronny S. Mikkelsen


CMYK_MAC_V1.2.zip 34 MB
CMYK_PC_V1.2.zip 33 MB

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